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Sweet Thing

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Here they come with their second release. Europes world class blues export B.B. & The Blues Shacks fronted by female singer Bonita from South Africa.
After a big success with a debut in 2015 people were waiting for another great blues album combining jump blues, traditional style and soul in the mix.
Great duets are going straight to your heart and the Rhythm & Blues tunes are taking you out on the dancefloor. Six originals and ten classic rare covers making this album outstanding. Bonita is right on in the tradition of Ann Peebles, Etta James, Lula Reed and other unforgettble stars of the past. Blues and Soul from the 50’s and 60’s are still alive and this release is another proof.

1. He Made A Woman Out Of Me (Fred Burch/Don Hill) 2:54
2. Momma‘s Goin’ Dancin’ (Andreas Arlt/Bonita Niessen, Michael „Maddy“ Arlt) 3:39
3. Sweet Thing (Joe Josea/Riley King) 2:52
4. Too Much Mystery (Homer Banks/Bettye Crutcher/R. Jackson) 3:12
5. Who’s That Guy (Smokey McAlister/Gene Redd) 2:33
6. Me And The One That I Love (Luigi Creatore/Hugo Peretti/George David Weiss) 3:02
7. Singing A New Song (Ted Jarrett/ Freddie Waters) 2:33
8. Hottest Wings In Town (Andreas Arlt/Bonita Niessen, Michael „Maddy“ Arlt) 3:06
9. So Close (Andreas Arlt/Bonita Niessen, Michael „Maddy“ Arlt) 2:34
10. That’s My Baby (Marvin Johnson) 3:14
11. Make Me Yours (Bettye Jean Champion) 3:23
12. Southern Girl, Northern Boy (Andreas Arlt/Bonita Niessen, Michael „Maddy“ Arlt) 2:23
13. Where’s The Money Honey (Chubby Newsome *) 2:46
14. Sunny Day (Andreas Arlt/Bonita Niessen, Michael „Maddy“ Arlt) 3:30
15. Singing Cadillac Song (Andreas Arlt/Bonita Niessen, Michael „Maddy“ Arlt) 2:56
16. You Can’t Hide (Freddie King/Rudy Toombs) 3:52

Produced by B.B. & The Blues Shacks

Recorded March 3 – Oct 18, 2018
Recorded at Hörwerk Studio – Andree Klose,
Bookholzberg, Germany
Mixed by Anders Lewen and Henning Hauerken
Mastered by Henning Hauerken


Bonita Niessen (vocals & backing vocals)
Michael Arlt (vocals & harp)
Andreas Arlt (guitar)
Henning Hauerken (e- & upright-bass)
Fabian Fritz (piano, Fender Rhodes + Hammond B3 organ)
Andre Werkmeister (drums)
Tom Müller (sax)
Stefan Gössinger (trp)