B. B. and The Blues Shack's new album Breaking Point is released by Rhythm Bomb Records (RB6013) and the album comprises fifteen songs. Twelve of the song's titles are original songs and the band handpicked three covers, all of which are embellished with the group's style and panache. The quintet innovatively has written their songs which stand admirably beside their idol's songs and maintain the ambiance of the originators of Rhythm & Blues music.
The five exponents of rhythm perform with a musical leaning towards jump Rhythm & Blues, with a full brass section booting along with their frenetic sound, which compels you to get up and dance. The line-up is; Michael Arlt (vocals & harmonica), Andreas Arlt (guitar & vocals), Henning Hauerken (upright & electric bass), Fabian Fritz (piano & organ), and Andre Werkmeister (drums). Extra musicians on the session are, Tom Müller (saxophone), and Stefan Gössinger (trumpet).
Musically they are old-school Rhythm & Blues with a dash of soul, served up in their unique style, be it on an album or stage their sound compares admirably. Inspirationally they take their interest from the originators of the Chicago, and Louisiana blues, with a clear and definable electric blues guitar approach to propel alone the tempo.
To date, they have a legacy of sixteen albums, and due to their showmanship, they have firmly been established themselves within the blues-music scene. With Breaking Point, they continue with their quest to promote Rhythm & Blues music and entertain fans both old and new.
Rhythm Bomb Records albums have; stunning designs and songs mastered for the best possible sound. The disc is housed in an attractively designed cardboard sleeve, specially designed to avoid the use of plastic and be environmentally friendly.

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1. Let’s Have A Natural Ball
2. I Don't Know Why You Want Me
3. Moon Calling
4. Running Out Of Time
5. Earthquake Woman
6. Can't Be Juliet
7. That Ain't All
8. Be Mine My Love
9. 50 Cent
10. I Found A True Love
11. Will The Fire Still Burn
12. What You’ve Got
13. A While On My Own
14. Body Talk
15. Dad