"The BB's must be the best blues band I have ever heard in Germany."
Götz Alsmann, WDR-TV and radio

„When they appear live, you just have to go there.“
Peter Urban, NDR 2 Radio

"There are good bands, there are very good bands, and there are bands who define the standards. B.B. & The Blues Shacks – without a doubt – belong to the latter category."
Dietmar Hoscher, Blues journalist and author

"The boys are in demand worldwide."
SAT1 Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)/Bremen

„These Germans delivered a truly High-Energy gig  … and in the end they were all screaming for more.“
(BrooWaha Newspaper, Los Angeles)

Quotations about the award-winning album 'Unique Taste':

„Beautiful, live-type Sound, crisply produced, a singer with a distinctive, easily recognized voice“
(Volker Thormählen,  NDR 1 Welle Nord Radio)

„Super songs, super musicians - and then they are also surrounded by beautiful ladies!“
(Duke Robillard, gituar-legend/USA)

„With this well rounded album, the band succeeds in covering new ground – with a seductive, contemporary Blues and modern, deeply felt Soul.“
(Blues Matters, UK)

Tour Highlights

The 5 professional musicians have been touring for almost two decades, with roughly 2000 concerts around the whole world. On average, about 120 concerts per year are on the tour schedule, taking them to about 10-15 different countries.  

So far, their concert tours took them to:
Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Denmark, Holland, Sweden, Norway, France, Hungary, Chechia, Russia, USA, Finland, Germany, former East Germany, Poland, England, Belgium, Greece, ...

Important Festivals:

Doheny-Blues-Festival (CA-Dana Point) 2008 + 2011

Byron-Bay-Blues-Fest (AUS-Byron Bay) 2011

Notodden Blues-Festival (N-Notodden)

Moskau Blues-Festival

Luzern Bluesfestival

Gaildorf Bluesfestival

Peer Bluesfestival (B)

Moulin Bluesfestival (NL)